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Black diamonds ,

Minimalism. Being different. Simple but gorgeous at the sime time. Less is more. Can you relate with these quotes? If yes, our Black Diamonds set is the right thing for you.

If you´re looking for small symbols for wrist tattoos, neck tattoos or to get them anywhere else on your body, you will find up to 34 of them to it try out temporary. Black, silver and gold ones. Beside this you can embellish yourself with 6 bracelets, we also tried them out on our ankles and hips. Part of this set is one large golden dream catcher and one beautifully shaped (silver and gold) arrow. As medium sized tattoos you´ll find one golden black crown, a silver fatima hand symbol, golden crossed arrows, one (silver and gold) sun, a black feather, 2 silver feathers and one golden feather (plus a small one counted into the small symbols), a silver-golden triangle, a gold diamond, 2 silver-gold and 2 black-gold arrows, a golden moon with stars (and it´s only up to you if you use them together or separated).

Boosts every streetstyle outfit and sets a crown on every evening dress.

Black Diamonds set baybayink contains 3 sheets (57 tattoos).
Get baybayink instructions and more detailed information here.

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