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Heart It ,

For the romantic souls. You can get really creative with this set. The large, amazing gold necklace will embellish every decolletage.

But you can wear it on your shoulders, hips or wherever you want to! Beside this you can create various necklaces and bracelets – 12 short chainlets allow you to create more than 6 different accessoires. 6 rings (4 gold and 2 silver), 1 silver and gold bracelet, 2 gold medium sized butterflies, 3 medium to large sized heart designs and 12 smaller sized temporary metallic tattoos. The whole set is in gold and silver flash color, black ink is part of 2 motives.

Fall in love. Heart it!

Heart it set baybayink contains 2 sheets (36 tattoos).
Get baybayink instructions and more detailed information here.

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