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Henna ,

The origin of beautiful henna art is dated back more than 4000 years ago. Traditional henna art has been used for celebrating fertility godesses and is still used in countries of the Middle East and India at wedding ceremonies.

It is not easy to find a henna artists near you sometimes, but now with baybayink you can have these beautiful temporary henna tattoos applied in seconds. It´s only up to you if you like to wear it on your hands, feet, legs, your back or wherever you want to – it looks gorgeous on any body part. You can boost every outfit with this temporary tattoo, and it doesn´t matter if it´s a simple day outfit or an evening robe. The dark brown colored set consists of 2 sheets, 2 large motives, 3 medium sized ones and 10 smaller sized tatoos.

Be special and enhance your beauty.

Henna set baybayink contains 2 sheets (15 tattoos).
Get baybayink instructions and more detailed information here.

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